Polyester anti-static dust bag filter cloth are made of anti-static polyester needle felt production, conductive material of the conductive fiber yarn or chemical fiber mixed with conductive fibers incorporated in the warp yarns of the base fabric of the production needle felt, excellent anti-static performance.


  1. Good chemical resistance for weak Acids, weak Alkalis and Organic Solvents
  2. Excellent efficiency of filtration
  3. Low contraction and thermal stability
  4. Elongation and high tensile strength

Performance index

Material Polyester/antistatic base cloth Polyester/conductive fiber/filament Yarn Polyester/stainless steel fibre/filament yarn
Grams (g/m²) 500 500 500
Thickness (mm) 1.6 1.8 1.8
Air permeability (m³/m²/min) 12 12 12
Tensile strength


warp >800 >1000 >1000
weft >1300 >1300 >1300

Elongation (%)

warp <25 <35 <35
weft <55 <55 <55
Operating temp.

(continuous)( ℃)

≤130 ≤130 ≤130
Operating temp.

(instant)( ℃)

150 150 150
Surface resistance 4.8×109Ω 3.2×108Ω 8.3×106Ω
Volume resistance 8.7×108Ω <106Ω <105Ω
Acid-resisting Good Good Good
Alkali-resistance Fair Fair Fair
Abrasive resistance


Good Good Good
Hydrolytic stability Fair Fair fair
Finishing treatment Singeing pressure light



Singeing pressure light



Singeing pressure light



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