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What is the clean room, cleanliness, and local space purification?

Clean room is defined as: the dust and microbial contamination regulations require environmental control of the room and area. Local space purification refers to: only the indoor work area-specific local space of the space with suspended particulate concentration to achieve the required level of air cleanliness. Cleanliness is defined as the number of permissible particles […]

The standard fold number of the high efficiency filter with the partition, and the factors influencing and determining the fold number?

The standard fold number of the high efficiency filter is determined by the height of the separator paper and the tightness of the separator paper and filter paper assembly. For example: the standard frame of the filter (610 * 610 * 120) mm is: first remove the thickness of the two sides of the board, […]

There are partitions efficient, non-partitioned high-performance filter and the current proportion of the standard amount of glue?

The current sealant is A, B plastic, and other manufacturers with a polyurethane adhesive. A, B glue to adjust the ratio of rubber 1: 2, the sealing performance is better, but once the imbalance, it will cause serious consequences, such as: glue not dry, or plastic bubbles and other phenomena, resulting in the filter scrapped.


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