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Air duct system fan (fan, wind pressure, into the air filter resistance) how?

Air duct system fan air volume is generally measured by the maximum filter airflow 1.3 times the calculation; duct resistance is generally calculated according to 1.2 times the resistance calculation, inlet air filter resistance is calculated according to the initial resistance of 2 times; The rated air volume and wind speed of the tested filter […]

Air filter in the label, packaging, transport should pay attention to what the problem?

Labels: Each filter must be marked in a prominent position, if necessary, should also indicate the direction of air flow, marked at least the product name, filter model specifications, the rated air flow efficiency and the initial resistance, the factory name and product factory date. Packaging: packaging should ensure that the factory inspection of qualified […]

The customer to determine the air filter (early, middle and high efficiency filter) is qualified the principles and basis?

For the extraction of a sample, the inspection items in the main item has one or other items are two failed, then the sample is unqualified; In the sampling of a test failed, then double extraction, such as there is still a failure, the batch of filters for the non-conforming products; If more than 3 […]

What is dust concentration? In the clean room (area) how to sample, sampling points how uniform layout? How to determine the level of clean room (area)?

Refers to the volume or mass of suspended particulates in the air per unit volume. When the unit of “grain / liter”, said the count concentration: When the unit in mg / m3 said, called the weight concentration. In the clean room sampling, the sampling location should be 0.8m from the ground level of the […]


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