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Why Nomex® (aramid) is so popular among the heat resistance filter media

Q:Why Nomex® (aramid) is so popular among the heat resistance filter media? A: The reasons why Nomex® (aramid) is the best selling are that: 1.Good temperature resistance. It can regularly work in the continuous 204℃, and can bear the instant temperature of 250℃. 2.Good stability. Under the 250 ℃, its heat shrinkage ratio is less than 1%. Nomex® […]

What’s the advantage of fiberglass filter cloth?

Q: What’s the advantages of fiberglass filter cloth? A: Alkali glass fiber filter cloth is a glass fiber woven fabric with a special surface treatment of the filter material, high temperature, corrosion-resistant, anti-condensation, thermal stability, dust stripping is good, cleaning low energy consumption, can work for a long period at a temperature of 280 ℃, and without […]

Application of geotextile

Q: What is the application of geotextile? A: 1.Subgrade, road (roads, railways, airports) and stabilize the ground; 2.Reinforcing the soft ground road and rail; 3.Dams, reinforcement and protection block wall surface; 4.Beaches and marshes reclaimed material and reinforcement material drainage. cheap jerseys I secured 2 tickets to both the final game at the stadium last […]

What’s the properties of geotextile?

Q: What’s the properties of geotextile? A: 1. Make use of geotextile’s good air permeability and water permeability, water flows through, it will effectively retain sand loss. 2. Make use of good water conductivity properties, which can be formed inside the soil drainage channels. 3. Make use of geotextile tensile strength and resistance to deformation of soil, enhance the stability […]

Can PTFE can be insulation ?

Q:Can PTFE can be  insulation ? A:PTFE has insulating properties , articles made , such as rods, tubes , films, shaped pieces and so has insulating properties , but note that , since the material recovered contains impurities , it is not necessarily insulated ! cheap nfl jerseys Participating after work is difficult for many […]


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