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Air filter air velocity, rated air volume, initial resistance, efficiency, and other related parameters in the test process how to detect?

High efficiency air filter wind speed, rated air flow, resistance, efficiency must be in the test stand around the frame does not leak, the tightness must be strict, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the test data and authenticity. The air resistance of the filter under the rated air flow is the initial resistance. […]

In the assembly process misuse of the filter paper, that is, the effect filter (HV type) PP paper mistakenly used as a high-efficiency filter glass paper, this will cause serious consequences?

First of all in the production process at the same time, not according to the customer’s order requirements to do, is a deception, more serious is the impact of the entire ventilation system air volume, is also a direct cause of return. Medium efficiency PP material is required for large air flow, low resistance of […]

In the production of filters at the same time, for the choice of media to pay attention to what the problem?

For the choice of media should note the following points: A, effective area, that is, the use of filter paper area, the capacity of dust on the large, small resistance. The use of life on the long, of course, also increased the cost of response; fiber diameter, the finer, cut blocking effect, a corresponding increase […]

Clean room around the frame and the ventilation system pipe leak phenomenon, tight tightness, this will result in what the consequences?

A standard ventilation system to be tight, the connection of the sealing can be used soap bubble test, the same a standard test stand frame to maintain airtight, otherwise it will affect the filter resistance, rated air volume, wind speed, into the air filter The resistance of the air duct, the supply air volume of […]

In the case can not change the size of the existing outlet, the number of cases, but need to increase the indoor ventilation to improve the cleanliness of the method should be used?

To increase indoor ventilation to improve cleanliness According to customer requirements (initial resistance, surface wind speed, rated air flow) and other related data to determine the filter width, height, depth, etc., can not change the size of the existing outlet, the number , Can increase the filter thickness, for example: 610 * 610 * 120 […]


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