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Mesh mesh and particle size

The particle size of the powder is called particle size. As the particle shape is very complex, usually sieving granularity, sedimentation Particle size, equivalent volume particle size, equivalent surface area particle size and other representations. Sieve size is the particles can be The mesh size through the screen is expressed as the number of sieves […]

High manganese steel screen

The United States professional equipment, the use of embedded weaving, the latitude and longitude overlap is not prominent, the net surface formation, uniform force, high hardness, with good plasticity and toughness, in the strong impact friction, the surface due to plastic deformation And produce a strong processing hardness, the surface hardness can be increased to […]


Using silk, silk or synthetic fiber and other raw materials woven, the surface has a uniform and stable ventilation holes, with screening and filtration of industrial fabrics. The mesh of the mesh is customary. The specifications of the screen are often expressed in terms of the number of holes per unit length (mesh), and the […]