The solution of paste bag

The solution of paste bag

What is a paste bag:

“Paste bag” means that during the long-term operation or outage of the dust bag, in the working condition where the humidity is high or the oily substance is in contact with the filter material, the dust is condensed, adhered or condensed on the filter surface of the dust-removing cloth bag or inside the filter material and cannot be effectively removed by the online dust removal system, which causes the phenomenon that the running resistance is greatly increased.

How to solve:

To prevent condensation on the filter bag, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature of the compressed air is higher than the dew point temperature (25~35 ℃). When the dust collector is used to process high-temperature and high-humidity gas, a temperature detection and alarm device should be installed at the entrance for monitoring, and thermal insulation materials such as rock wool should be installed outside the shell for insulation. When the dust collector is installed, the air leakage rate should be less than 3%. The welding quality of the dust collector must be implemented in strict accordance with the corresponding specifications and standards. After the welding is completed, use kerosene, fluorescent powder, etc. for leakage inspection, and the leak must be re-welded. At the same time, air leakage points such as trachoma must be eliminated. The inspection door of the dust collector must be sealed with rubber strips and checked and replaced frequently. Check each unloader and flange carefully to make a good seal. Reducing the air leakage of the dust collector can effectively protect the filter bag, avoid the occurrence of bagging, and ensure the smooth operation of the equipment under low resistance. Before the entire dust removal system shuts down, the fan should continue to run to exhaust all the moisture in the system.

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