Selection of the material of the dust bag filter material

Selection of the material of the dust bag filter material

The dust filter bag is an important part of the filter bag . The correct selection of the dust filter bag is very important. Improper selection will seriously reduce the dust removal efficiency of the dust collector, and even cause safety accidents. Only the correct selection of the filter bag can ensure the normal operation of the dust collector and run to reach its predetermined dust removal efficiency. Commonly used filter materials: polyester needled felt, waterproof, oil-proof and anti-static polyester needled felt, flumes needle felt, glass fiber needled felt, PPS high temperature needled felt, acrylic needled felt, metas needle felt etc.

The most important point in choosing a dust filter is to consider the environment in which it will be used. It is important to understand the details of the actual environment. The following two important factors should be considered in the correct selection of dust filter bags.

(1)Filtration speed is a key factor in the selection of dust removal accessories. It should be determined according to factors such as the nature of smoke or dust, application, dust size, viscosity, gas temperature, moisture content, dust concentration and different filter materials. When the dust particle size is finer, the temperature and humidity are higher, the concentration is higher, and the viscosity is higher, a lower value should be selected. If ≤1m/min, otherwise, you can choose a high value, generally not more than 1.5m/min. For dust with large particle size, normal temperature, dry, non-sticky, and extremely low concentration, you can choose 1.5~2m/min. When selecting the filtration speed, it should be calculated that the net filtration wind speed when reducing the filtration area of one room (during cleaning) should not exceed the above value.

(2)The filter material should be considered according to the temperature, moisture content, acidity, alkalinity, viscosity, concentration and abrasiveness of the dust-containing gas. Generally, when the water content is small and there is no acid, it is selected according to the temperature of the dust-containing gas. At room temperature or ≤130°C, the polyester needle felt of 500~550g/㎡is commonly used. When the temperature is less than 250°C, use aramid Nomex needled felt or 800g/㎡glass fiber needled felt or flumes high-temperature filter material (the fluorine-containing gas cannot be made of glass fiber). When the moisture content is large and the dust concentration is large, it is advisable to use waterproof, oil-proof filter material or film-coated filter material (the base cloth should be a needle-punched felt with waterproof treatment). When the dust-containing gas contains acid and alkali and the gas temperature is ≤190°C, Ryton needle felt is often used. When the gas temperature is ≤240°C, and the requirement for acid and alkali resistance is not too high, P84 needle felt is used. When the dust-containing gas is flammable and explosive gas, use anti-static tapen needle felt. When the dust-containing gas has a certain amount of moisture and is flammable and explosive gas, choose waterproof, oil-proof and anti-static (three defenses) taperon needle felt.

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