How to prevent corrosion of the dust collector?

How to prevent corrosion of the dust collector?

Causes of dust collector corrosion:

Corrosion is one of the most common reasons for dust collector damage, especially  filter bag. Because the flue gas contains a variety of corrosive substances, and the corrosion effect is greater in high temperature environments, which will cause damage to the dust collector. The main causes of corrosion are hydrolysis, oxidation, acid and alkali corrosion. Among them, hydrolysis and oxidation cause more damage.

Anti-corrosion measures of dust collector:

(1) Take anti-corrosion measures when designing and manufacturing equipment

In view of the nature of the flue gas, especially the content of SO₂ and H₂O, appropriate anti-rust measures should be taken, including the level of rust removal that should be achieved when painting, the choice of primer and topcoat, the number of coating layers and the thickness of each layer. And ensure that the construction is in place. The temperature resistance level of the paint should be higher than the highest possible flue gas temperature to avoid the failure of the coating due to over-temperature. Like a filter bag, the bag cage under high corrosion conditions cannot be galvanized, but sprayed, asphalt paint or high temperature and humidity resistant paint should be used. The internal components such as the clean air chamber wall and blowing pipe should also be treated similarly, and general coating should not be used.

(2) Strengthen the sealing of the system

This method mainly includes the sealing of the dust collector itself and other equipment and pipes in the dust collector system. Because the density of the dust collector itself depends on the shell, if you want the shell to maintain a good seal, you must first ensure the quality of manufacturing and installation. In addition, continuous welding should be used for all connections of the shell, and heat-resistant silicone rubber should be used for the sealing around the door.

(3) Reduce gas moisture content

Reducing the moisture content of the gas can reduce the dew point temperature of the gas, and it is also necessary to increase the temperature of the gas as much as possible to increase the temperature difference between the gas temperature and the dew point temperature. Practice has also proved that this empirical value is too small, because many working conditions are unpredictable. If the air leakage rate is relatively large, the gas temperature is better than 30 degrees higher than the dew point temperature.

(4) Reduce the air leakage rate of the dust collector

Air leakage is closely related to the negative pressure inside the dust collector. The greater the negative pressure, the more serious the air leakage will be. While the positive pressure operation will not adversely affect the performance of the dust collector, but the dust is easier to enter the inside of the dust collector. So we must improve his sealing structure. In this way, the wear of the fan will not be so obvious.

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