Screen arrangement

1. The general rule of the layout of the plain screen
(1) there are deep version of the stack, the dark in the former, light-colored in the post.
(2) between the color is not adjacent to each other, or black interval, black in the former, the rest of the color can be arbitrarily arranged, but the color of the block in the final arrangement.
(3) mutual requirements strictly on the flower color, then adjacent or close to the arrangement.
(4) small pattern, sparse in the former, thick, full in the post.
(5) Where there are special requirements, such as anti-print, semi-defense, inscribed, etc., according to the different requirements to determine the order of its order.
2. Circle screen printing circular network of the law
(1) patterns in the pattern are cross-overlapping should be from deep to shallow arrangement.
(2) patterns in the pattern of each other off, generally close to the flowers arranged together.
(3) on the flower requirements of the pattern, in addition to pay attention to a reasonable line by color, the arrangement should be close to each other as far as possible.
(4) large area of ​​the circle as far as possible arranged in the back.
(5) fine point, thin stem of the net, generally arranged in front.
(6) dark block and shallow full round between the network can be considered plus a light plate rotary screen.
(7) anti-printing printing process, anti-printing paste arranged in front of the anti-printing paste by the circular network arranged in the back.
(8) gold, silver powder printing, cover printing and other special printing, the general gold, silver powder paste, cover the cover of the pulp in the last.
3. Roller printed flower arrangement
Roller printing of the flower arrangement, according to the characteristics of roller printing machine, the general considerations for the factors:
(1) the size of the processed fabric specifications. Different properties of the fabric, the use of dyeing materials, sculpture methods and process routes are also different. For example, polyester-cotton blended fabric and cotton fabric is different, the former organization is tight and have a certain degree of water repellency, so carved shallow, dyes and cotton fabrics are used for different, so the arrangement of the flower should also be different.
(2) flower structure. Adjacent two colors to be close to the flowers, should be arranged as close as possible, easy to spend. There are dark side of the edge of the “side color”, generally often “side color” arranged in the other two colors (or two groups) in the middle, commonly known as “pole two pick” arrangement method.
(3) pattern area. According to the pattern area, the general arrangement for the small – a large, especially the local flower tube generally arranged in the last face, the reason is the floor area, suction pulp, color is serious, the purpose is to ensure that the color is bright.
(4) color and shade. In the various colors are not stacked under the premise of the general arrangement for the bright and dark (or shallow one deep), and need to consider the “fight color effect” relationship.
(5) overprint and not overprint. When the depth of each other overprint, should be arranged as a deep shallow, then add shovel knife or fresh water white pulp measures to solve the color contradiction. Otherwise if the arrangement is shallow and deep, will form a flower level is unclear, blurred color, seriously affect the printing effect.

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