How to do the sieve breakage of vibrating screen

1, when the screen quality of the shaker does not pass, the screen generally has the upper sieve layer and the lower force layer, requiring the two layers between the close fit, if the screen pre-tensioning process is poor, when the screen When the bottom of the force layer taut, the sieve layer is not tightened, the work of the drill bit throwing force is greatly reduced, can not discharge cuttings.
2, if the screen tension is not enough, causing the screen to tremble, usually along the edge of the screen or the edge of the edge of the broken or damaged.
3, the vibration motor steering error In the steering of the vibration motor, the field operator according to the previous uniaxial vibrating screen or linear vibrating screen experience, that as long as the cutting edge to go forward, but this method does not apply to translational elliptical vibration screen. If the motor is accidentally rotating inward, the ejection angle is also 45 ° forward, but the cuttings have the force to roll backwards, when the cuttings move forward much slower, stay on the screen for a long time, Resulting in cuttings can not be discharged.

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