How to avoid rusting the vibrating screen screen?

Screen is the most important parts of the vibrating screen, the screen will be directly and material contact, if the screen rust, it will affect the sieve screening efficiency, how to avoid the screen rust?
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1, the screen rust is due to its surface and air contact, steel and water reaction, so to start from the isolation from the rust. For example, you can cover the surface of a layer of protective layer, so that the metal surface and corrosive media can be in contact.
2, the equipment should also pay attention to the placement, we must put the equipment in a dry and cool place, do not put the equipment in a humid environment, to avoid direct contact with the water. This can be reduced from the root of water corrosion, can be rust.
3, but also do a good job of cleaning the screen, do a good job cleaning, screening to ensure that the screen effect.
In accordance with these practices can effectively prevent the screen rust, so as to ensure that the equipment really play the biggest role. In addition, but also to remind you to choose high-quality equipment, high-quality equipment used by the material quality is good, not easy to rust.

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