High manganese steel screen

The United States professional equipment, the use of embedded weaving, the latitude and longitude overlap is not prominent, the net surface formation, uniform force, high hardness, with good plasticity and toughness, in the strong impact friction, the surface due to plastic deformation And produce a strong processing hardness, the surface hardness can be increased to HRC60 above, to obtain a higher wear resistance, while the internal still maintain a high plastic and toughness, when the old surface wear, the new surface formation resistance Grinding, so the life can reach 10-15 times the ordinary mine screen, the product used in mining, coal mine, high strength, good wear resistance, easy to brittle fracture, impact resistance, forming fast, long life, Well, do not seize the screen, completely overcome all the shortcomings of other mine screens. Widely used for primary screening of metal ores, coal mine screening and other operations. Mine dressing vibration screen (crater type screen) flat top vibrating screen, wear high temperature, toughness, seismic resistance to pull, not close together, high screening rate, mainly for large stone processing, asphalt mixing station, coal mine And metallurgy, Baotou, package edge and do not package a variety of options.

Technical Parameters

Material: 65 manganese lead quenched high carbon steel wire, the tensile strength of steel wire are more than 1500Mpa, section shrinkage in more than 45 percent. And through the lead quenching process to change the internal structure of the molecule, it has a stronger toughness, wear resistance and longer service life. The use of the entire wire in the wire without joints, it will not appear in the finished product in the phenomenon of broken wire.

Weaving process: the use of Canada and Germany imported technology from the processing of a full set of equipment, in the ginning, weaving and the final treatment of all links are strictly abide by the ISO9000 quality certification management system requirements to ensure that the surface of the screen is not upturned, Mesh Founder without tilt, the structure is not loose, uniform mesh error is small. All of the above factors can ensure that I plant production of wire mesh has a longer service life and better screening effect.

Product specifications: I plant can produce a wide wire diameter (2.34mm 12.7mm) complete specifications (mesh width from 1.22m 1.52m, length from 1.97m 2.57m) of the mine screen mesh, flowers are C1, C2 two, And can be based on customer requirements for special specifications and flower production. I plant production equipment to adapt to the strong, high efficiency, delivery time is guaranteed.

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