50 (75) gallons of small water purifier reverse osmosis RO membrane replacement


1. Close the electroplated ball valve and press the flush button for about 10 minutes. (Let the system decompression)

2. Unscrew the nut connector on the right side of the housing by hand or by hand.

3. Faced with the machine, with the left hand holding the membrane shell, with the right hand to open the end of the lid. (If the post-activated carbon filter above the reverse osmosis membrane hampers the operation of this step, it may be slightly displaced or pulled out completely, and if the whole is pulled out, the extra line will need to be disassembled.)

4. Close the pressure drum ball valve, unscrew the nut fitting above it with your hand or tool, and introduce the water pipe into an empty tank or wash tank.

5. Using the left hand to tighten the reverse osmosis membrane tube, and then pliers (or special tools) to clamp the old reverse osmosis membrane, its forced out of the membrane shell.

6. Open the new reverse osmosis membrane jacket and remove it.

7. Plug the newly opened reverse osmosis membrane into the reverse osmosis membrane tube until one end of the two small black “O” rings is at the bottom of the membrane shell.

8. Tighten the membrane cover in the opposite direction from the membrane cover.

9. If necessary, adjust the connector so that it points to the rear of the machine in a clockwise (locking) direction.

10. Insert the hose and tighten the union nut. (Do not forget to put the pipe plug, except plug-in connector).

11. Open the plated ball valve.

12. Let the machine run for more than two hours, so that the system into the normal state of the water made, and then water pipe and pressure tank connected to the ball and open the pressure barrel ball valve. The entire facelift process is complete. – Reverse osmosis equipment maintenance, water filter replacement, water machine membrane replacement

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