Partition of the partition board, sealant, filter and other related parts of the role?

Corrugated aluminum paper separator can accurately maintain the distance between the folding layer, the smallest resistance, the maximum use of filter. In the corrosive environment, can be plated with ethylene partition. The edges of the baffles are folded to prevent damage to the media, and the thin baffles can have more folds, thereby increasing the area of the media and increasing the air flow.
In the framework of the sealant with a sealed filter material to prevent the occurrence of side leakage around. The sealing layer completely seals the edges and partitions of the media, ie, seals all possible leaks.
Filtration is the use of ultra-fine glass fiber made of high-density paper, filter fold to maximize the effective area of the filter media, thereby reducing the filter media filtration rate.
Frame: (wood) with 18mm ~ 19mm thick pressed board and plywood frame, joints with glue and nails to ensure its strong connection. (Metal frame), including stainless steel, aluminum and other metal materials.

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